Elliptical Fourier Analysis

CartesianDiatom-EFA is a free, open-source, customizable and independent Microsoft Excel program designed and written by RKE to conduct and facilitate a highly visual elliptical Fourier analysis of outlines reporting both classical Fourier coefficients and the "elliptical descriptors" of Schmittbuhl. More >>

OLS Regression-based Prediction Belts

CartesianDiatom-PredictionBelts is a set of free, macro-free Microsoft Excel worksheets designed by RKE to construct graphic, linear OLS regression-based prediction belts for continuous variables using either sample raw x,y data or sample statistics. Calculations are based on Sokal & Rohlf's Biometry, 3rd edition, 1995.


All CartesianDiatom software is copyrighted CC BY-NC-SA


Robert K. Edgar
Updated 29 November 2014